Assess Your Success Assessment Testing

We offer three assessment tests that were developed by CARS. These include:

Tests are administered in a proctored environment and are delivered over the Internet. Tests are designed in multiple-choice item format and should be completed in approximately 60-75 minutes. Our testing instruments are not intended to be a vehicle for providing students with individual feedback. Psychometric properties are not sufficient to support high-stakes classifications for individuals. Institutions may choose to provide their students with individual feedback, but results should not be used to make any type of high-stakes classification decisions.

Please click here if you wish to view a demo of our test questions.

It is easy to order our tests for your institution. Simply fill in the required information on the Ordering Agreement, read and agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA), and press the "Submit" button. Once we have received the completed Ordering Agreement, we will contact you to confirm the testing arrangements and to schedule Internet access to our test site based upon your desired testing timetable. Upon completion of your testing window, we will evaluate the responses and provide you with scoring data by examinee and we will provide institution level statistics. Items are scored dichotomously. A correct response to an item is given a score of “1” and an incorrect response to an item is given a score of “0”. The total score by examinee is obtained by summing the scored items.

You will receive an electronic invoice and you may pay using our safe and easy credit card payment system. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and American Express. Alternatively, we will mail to you an invoice and you may pay by check.