Assess Your Success Quantitative Reasoning Test

The Quantitative Reasoning Test (QR) is a computerized, multiple-choice test developed by the JMU Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS) and faculty from science and mathematics domains. It is designed to assess the quantitative reasoning of students who have completed their general education requirements, and measures the following learning objectives:

  1. Use graphical, symbolic, and numerical methods to analyze, organize, and interpret natural phenomena.
  2. Discriminate between association and causation, and identify the types of evidence used to establish causation.

The QR is recommended for use with general education program assessment and evaluation. The QR is designed to be content-free, meaning that responding correctly to the items does not require specific content knowledge of any domain of science. Thus, the instrument is appropriate for students who have diverse science backgrounds and can be used to assess programs that cover various science domains.

View a PDF of the Quantitative Reasoning Test (QR) Test Manual.

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