Assess Your Success Scientific Reasoning Test

The Scientific Reasoning Test (SR) is a computerized, multiple-choice test developed by the JMU Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS) and faculty from science and mathematics domains. It is designed to assess the scientific reasoning ability of students who have completed their general education requirements, and measures the following learning objectives:

  1. Describe the methods of inquiry that lead to mathematical truth and scientific knowledge and be able to distinguish science from pseudoscience.
  2. Use theories and models as unifying principles that help us understand natural phenomena and make predictions.
  3. Recognize the interdependence of applied research, basic research, and technology, and how they affect society.
  4. Illustrate the interdependence between developments in science and social and ethical issues.
  5. Formulate hypotheses, identify relevant variables, and design experiments to test hypotheses.
  6. Evaluate the credibility, use, and misuse of scientific and mathematical information in scientific developments and public policy issues.

The SR is recommended for use with general education program assessment and evaluation. The SR is intended to measure learning in scientific reasoning for undergraduate college students. Since items were designed to be content-free, this instrument should be appropriate for students in any general education science curriculum.

View a PDF of the Scientific Reasoning Test (SR) Test Manual.

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