Assess Your Success Test of Oral Communication Skills (TOCS2)

The Test of Oral Communication Skills II (TOCS2) is an assessment package designed to measure undergraduate general education competence in human communication (100-item cognitive test) and willingness and confidence to engage in oral communication (11-item Attitudes Toward Communications; ATC; Ball, Jurich & Anderson, 2014).  The test was written to align with the National Communication Association (NCA) standards (1998). The ATC items measure affective components of communication thought to influence student deployment of communication competencies: willingness and confidence.  We believe that inclusion of these affective measures are an important supplement to the assessment of cognitive and communication competencies. 

The TOCS-2 was designed to evaluate student learning in four general education objectives related to oral communication competence. The objectives, listed below, align with NCA (1998) objectives.  In addition, 11 Likert-type items assess student attitudes toward communication (i.e., willingness and confidence; ATC; Ball et al, 2014).


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